Two-Step-Dies For Curtain Eyelets

We manufacture Two-Step-Dies with ultimate care since we understand every tool must perfectly function with each other to obtain an impeccable product.

Grommet attaching is a complete process that every tool has significance. Machinery, products, and dies work interconnected. We manufacture Two-Step-Dies with ultimate care since we understand every tool must perfectly function with each other to obtain an impeccable product.

Our high-quality hardened steel Two-Step-Die for curtain eyelets come as a set with a top die and bottom die along with the installation adaptors to fit most of our machine line. Our choice of raw material provides outstanding value, it is also used to create the most durable and long-lasting dies in the market. When our steel dies eventually wear out (long after competitive dies have failed) they are inexpensive to replace and easy to install. Special surface treatment is applied for metal hardening to significantly increase their life span. They are designed to minimize the force required during use for greater application comfort.

Perfectly-engineered die sets can make clear-cut holes in even the toughest multi-layer hardest fabrics, or in the most sensitive of materials. The excellent precision of the ClipsShop™ eyelet-attaching die sets guarantee professional eyelet attachment quality.

Our Two-Step-Die are suitable for hole making and eyelet application on various substrates, including but not limited to curtains, tarpaulins, drapery, and home textiles.

ClipsShop™’s Two-Step-Die is designed for piercing and setting the eyelets with a single die easily. This is a time-saving and cost-efficient alternative to the traditional process where separate piercing and eyelet setting dies are used. No more need to have two separate dies and the die changing process to attach an eyelet.

First, the washer is placed on the lower die. The first punch pierces the fabric. Then, the grommet is placed on the lower die on top of the cut part of the fabric without changing the position of the fabric and the second punch attaches the eyelet.

The cut part of the fabric is accumulated in the upper die so there is no need to remove it after the piercing operation. After a certain usage (after 15–20 eyelet settings), the accumulated scrap materials in the upper die are emptied by inserting a screwdriver, etc., from the top evacuation holes of the upper die.


No need for two separate piercing and attaching dies and die-changing hassles.

  • No need for cleaning the cut scrap material every time.
  • Top-notch workmanship and special metal hardening for excellent cutting/attachment results and long life span.
  • Compatible with the CSTEP-2, CSTON-1, CSBUR-1, CS-TIDY™ series pneumatic machines.
  • Mounting the Two-Step-Die for curtain eyelets enables the ClipsShop™ Large GrommetSniper™ to be operated on the CSTEP-2, CSTON-1, and CSBUR-1.
  • Available sizes: #7.5 (25 mm) , #8.5 (28 mm), and #12 (40 mm).
Grommet Size
Hole Size
Applicable With
1 1/8
1 1/2