Strong Hand Press for Eyelets CSBUR-1

CSBUR-1 is designed to apply especially to large size #12 (40 mm) eyelets.
It is a reliable and heavy-duty machine that does not need any extra pneumatic or electrical power. It has an extra-long lever and the force-transfer mechanism is designed to generate high-mechanical impact to apply large-size grommets.

  • Perfect for tarpaulin and drapery workshops.
  • Ability to apply #12 (40 mm) eyelets.
  • Extra-long lever and force-transfer mechanism. Engineered to reduce the need for manual force.
  • Interchangeable self-piercing and two-step-dies. All ClipsShop dies (except some specific machines’ dies) are compatible with the CSBUR-1 machines. Allows setting many varied sizes of grommets using a simple die-changing process which takes only seconds.
  •  Free-standing or bench-mounted.
  • Also available with casters (CSBUR-1 W model)
  •  Suitable for applications on various materials.
  • Heavy duty durable machine.
  • Compatible with ClipsShop’s Large GrommetSniper™, The Large GrommetSniper, made exclusively to punch X large dimension eyelets #7.5 (25 mm), #8.5 (28 mm), and #12 (40 mm). It is compatible with CSBUR-1 and allows users to precisely space the grommets.
Lever Length
400 mm
15 3/4”
Throat Depth (from the center of the die)
73 mm
2 3/4”
Net Weight (CSBUR-1)
14.5 kg
32 Ib.
Net Weight (CSBUR-1 w)
17 kg
37.5 lb.
Dimensions (Height × Width×Depth)
420 × 160 × 400 mm
16 2/4 × 6 1/4 ×15 3/4”
Table size (on the wheel version)
400 × 500 mm
15 3/4 × 19 3/4”
Compatible Dies
Self-Piercing Die Sets (All sizes)
Two-Step-Die Sets (All sizes)
Regular Die Sets for Curtain Eyelets
Hole Piercer Die Sets (From #XX00 (3.4 mm) to #5.5 (16.7 mm))
Applicable Grommet Sizes
#12 (40 mm hole size) and smaller sizes
Compatible Accessories