Stroking Hand Press for Eyelets CSTON-1

The CSTON-1 is a revolutionary manual-stroking, grommet-attaching machine which indeed does not use hand force for setting grommets. Hand power is only needed to initiate the built-in spring mechanism and the rest is handled by the machine.

The CSTON-1 offers comfort and precision comparable to that of pneumatic or electric machines at a significantly more affordable cost.

  • Needs minimum hand press power and effort. The required stroking pressure is sourced by the spring system inside the machine. This makes the machine very easy for anyone to use with little physical effort.
  • Adjustable stroking pressure level. The stroking power can be adjusted from the screw system located on the top of the machine for perfectly-applied grommets.
  • Adjustable height. This meets the demands of numerous projects.
  • Perfect for working in a seated position. Interchangeable self-piercing dies.
  • Pull handle to initiate stroking mechanism
  • All ClipsShop dies up to size #12 Easy Apply dies are compatible with the CSTON-1 machine.
  • Allows setting many assorted sizes of grommets by means of a simple die-changing process that takes only seconds.
  • Utilizes self-piercing grommets. So, your hole is cut and set in one operation; saving time and money.
  • Free-standing or bench-mounted.
    Suitable for applications on various materials.
  • Heavy-duty, durable machine.
  • CSTON-1 will provide years of professional performance
  • Compatible with the Large GrommetSniper™ accessory, alignment fixture that assures the precise alignment and spacing of grommets in all sizes.
  • The Large GrommetSniper™ is made exclusively to punch X large dimension eyelets #7.5 (25 mm), #8.5 (28 mm), and #12 (40 mm). It is compatible with the CSTON-1 and lets users precisely space grommets on the CSTON-1.
Stroke Force(max)
18 KN
1835 kgf
Throat Depth (from the center of the die)
140 mm
5 2/4”
Net Weight
20 kg
44 lbs
Dimensions (Width × Depth × Height)
200 × 520 × 310 mm
7 3/4” × 20 ½ “× 12 1/4”
Compatible Accessories
Large GrommetSniper™
Compatible Dies
Self-Piercing Die Sets (All sizes)
Two-Step-Die Sets (All sizes)
Hole Piercer Die Sets (From #XX00 (3.4 mm) to #5.5 (16.7 mm))
Applicable Grommet Sizes
Up to #12 Easy Apply
Compatible Accessories