Big brother is at home, meet the Large GrommetSniper™ – the industry’s first grommet alignment fixture and the GrommetSniper™’s big brother, to quickly and accurately attach even your largest grommets!

The Large GrommetSniper™, made exclusively to fit the CSBUR-1, CSTEP-2, CSTEP-2 Large, CS-TIDY-41, CS-TIDY-51 and CSTON-1, lets users precisely space grommets 20 to 90 mm (3/4″ to 3 2/4″) from the edge of their substrate and uniformly locate the distance between grommets from 80 to 550 mm (3″ to 21″) apart.


The major difference between the Large GrommetSniper and the regular GrommetSniper is it allows application of X-large dimension eyelets, such as #7.5 (25 mm), #8.5 (28 mm), and #12 (40 mm), and it is especially designed for curtains, tarpaulins, etc.

With this unique alignment tool, you will easily place grommets at equal spaces and depth without any markings. Once the desired adjustments are made, you can lock the adjustments manually by rotating the knurled thumb nuts.



ClipsShop’s Large GrommetSniper™ has metric and imperial measures, the colors and markings are specially chosen to be easily visible on the rulers.

Featuring a telescopic slide, the horizontal ruler can be shortened when not in use to save workspace.

This equipment is suitable for precisely positioning the grommets, with a grommet size range from #XX00 (3.7 mm ID) to #12 (40 mm ID) on the material to accelerate the grommet application process and increase efficiency.

To use such a wide range of grommets with this accessory, its grommet holder is designed to be easily reversible. One side of the grommet holder is used for sizes below #5.5 and the other side is used for larger eyelets.

All steel parts are coated to increase their life span and prevent oxidation.

Large GrommetSniper™ equal interval grommet attaching accessory
Work Area Depth (Y)
20 – 90 mm (from the center of the grommet)
3/4" ~ 3 2/4”
Work Area Width (X)
80 – 550 mm
3 1/4" ~ 21 3/4”
1.1 kg
2.42 lb
40 X 22.5 X 6 cm
15 3/4" x 9" x 2 2/4”
Compatible Machines
CSBUR-1, CSTEP-2 , CSTEP-2 Large, CSTON-1, CS-TIDY versions
Applicable Grommet sizes*
#XX00 (1/4” -3.4 mm ID) to #12 (1 2/4 “ -40 mm ID)
Areas of Application
Equal interval grommet attachment
The Large GrommetSniper™ can be directly used with applicable machines when used with the large size TWO-STEP-DIE sets. When used with self-piercing die sets, the Large Grommetsniper™ mounting adaptor shall be used. This adaptor is sold separately.