CS-TIDY-FRL accessory is the filter –regulator-lubricator unit with specially designed stainless steel mounting adaptor to be installed to your CS-TIDY series pneumatic machines in a couple of minutes.

The air coming from the compressor needs to be filtered, regulated and lubricated. Though the special main cylinder used in CS-TIDY series machines do not need much lubrication, if you do not have an existing filter –regulator-lubricator system in your air system, it is recommended to use CS-TIDY-FRL accessory to increase the life span of your smart CS-TIDY machine.


The incoming air pressure directly affects the force that CS-TIDY generates.  In most cases, the default air pressure in the air system is more than the inlet pressure that CS-TIDY needs to apply grommets. The required force depends on the size of the grommets and the regulator in the CS-TIDY-FRL accessory enables you to reduce the incoming air pressure to avoid unnecessary usage of air power and protects your work & machine.

CS-TIDY-FRL accessory comes with a slide valve, which lets you to cut off the incoming air and to discharge the air accumulated in the pneumatic cylinder of your machine without a need of removing the air inlet hose. This feature is helpful especially while making adjustments on your machine.

The standard air entrance of the FRL accessory is 1/4” and 1/4” to 1/8” reducer is also provided. The standard 8 mm quick connect adaptor on CS-TIDY-41 could also still be used.