Upgrade your grommet press setting machine to the CS-TIDY-51 for a more efficient and accurate process.

Following the great success of CS-TIDY-41, we targeted to make an extended force version of this smart machine to be even capable of attaching X-large curtain eyelets including #12 (40 mm ID) ones.  We developed the CS-TIDY-51 with a new system that doubles the generated force and modified the machine construction to answer the needs of the increased forces.
The CS-TIDY-51 is a heavy-duty industrial machine and it is also in a class of its own with unique features and an extensive accessory selection, yet it is still affordable.
The CS-TIDY-51  is the second lightest pneumatic grommet attaching machine ever following CS-TIDY-41 and thanks to its super compact size and the built-in carrying handle,


  • Built-in drawer for slugs
  • Manual Trigger Mechanism

“you can carry this less than 10 kg little monster everywhere.”

Furthermore, this monster can generate significantly high forces which enable attaching even the largest eyelets.

Featuring foot pedal and manual starting handle at the same time, CS-TIDY-51 allows hands-free usage. Manual start can be set up for right-handed or left-handed operation for the best fit to your project.

The CS-TIDY-51 carries all the features of CS-TIDY-41, but additionally designed to be used with Two-Steps- Die sets to apply X-large curtain eyelets thanks to its extended force generation feature.

No more need for heavy and expensive machines to apply large eyelets.

  • Extended Force Generation. Able to attach X-large curtain eyelets including #12 (40 mm ID) eyelets
  • Heavy Duty, industrial machine.
  • Low weight and compact size.
  • Built-in carrying handle.
  • Compatible with the ClipsShop Large GrommetSniper™  and
  • GrommetSniper™ Accessory Alignment Fixture for consistent placement of grommets.
  • Works with standard air and needs no electricity.
  • Works on many types of materials including curtain fabrics, vinyl, corrugated plastic, chipboard, other plastics, industrial textiles, poster board, and many other substrates.
  • Two-Steps die sets for curtain eyelets, special self-cleaning dies and all ClipsShop self-piercing dies can be used interchangeably.
  • The slugs are collected in its built-in drawer. (when used with self-cleaning dies) No more hassles to clean the slugs.
  • Compatible with the ClipsShop EyeleD Pointer™ Accessory –LED version of the traditional laser pointers. (when used with special self-cleaning dies or ClipsShop self-piercing dies )
  • Adjustable upper die adaptor to adjust the setting height of the grommets per different thickness materials.
  • Includes a dial for variable speed operation.
  • Conforms to CE/OSHA requirements.
  • Easy set-up.
  • Simply place it on a table or mount it to a bench.
  • Optional mobile cart or adjustable table accessory.
Throat Depth From the Center
100 mm
Net Weight
9,5 kg
22 lbs
Gross Weight
10,5 kg
25 lbs
Dimensions (Height × Width × Depth):
285 × 120 × 247 mm
11 1/4’’× 4 3/4’’ × 9 3/4”
Compatible Dies
TIDY Self-Cleaning Die Sets
Self-Piercing Die Sets (All sizes)
Two-Step-Die Sets (All sizes)
Applicable Grommet Sizes
#XX00 - #12