Stronger and smarter than ever, next-generation CSTEP-2 is here!”

Imagine a hand press strong enough to pierce and punch #12 (40 mm) eyelets, one that is half the weight of its similar-strength competitors and twice as affordable. Sound good to you? Then please have a look at our next-generation, specially designed, solid body CSTEP-2

We re-created CSTEP-2 due to customer demand for the ability to punch X-large grommets with a lighter weight hand press and less manual force needed overall. With its new lighter body, you can effortlessly punch X-large eyelets of #7.5 (25 mm), #8.5 (28 mm), and even #12 (40 mm). Imagine how easy it is to install mid-size grommets such as #3 (11.6 mm)…

  • Unique lever design and soft grip
  • Solid Body
  • 65% Greater Attachment Force
  • EyeleD Pointer
  • GrommetSniper

Now the CSTEP-2’s attachment force is 65% greater, making it the clear leader in strength among all the small hand presses available on the market. Featuring a lower total weight, its solid body is uniquely designed to increase its durability and to withstand extra-high forces.

Along with this launch, we are also proud to introduce a new and innovative concept to the industry—a manual grommet machine with an EyeleD pointer option. ClipsShop’s new-generation CSTEP-2 is a unique hand press that is compatible with the EyeleD™ Pointer accessory—a new safe LED laser pointer that focuses a light dot to highlight the exact grommet attachment point. The EyeleD pointer can but doesn’t have to be plugged in.

To ensure precise alignment and spacing of grommets, CSTEP-2 is also compatible with the GrommetSniper™ and large GrommetSniper™ accessories.

Use the newest and original ClipsShop CSTEP-2 machines for a superior grommet application experience. The precision of this hand press surpasses industry standards and can accommodate the most precision-dependent accessories.
Unique lever design and soft grip. The scientifically-engineered lever and soft grip are carefully designed for the anatomy of the human wrist and arm. They help reduce the hand force required in applying grommets and provide significantly greater application comfort compared to typical hand presses.

  • Large GrommetSniper

CSTEP-2 comes with a specially designed box reinforced with expanded rubber and black sponge to protect the machine and its components. It also features a carrying grip for conveniently transporting and storing your machine when it is not needed. No other hand press on the market comes with this professional case.

The grommet hand press has never been so convenient or had such a wide range of accessory options. No other hand press can match the benefits and value of the CSTEP-2. CSTEP-2 is engineered to meet the most demanding of grommet applications at a reasonable price.

  • Compatible with the EyeleD™ Pointer. EyeleD Pointer is an accessory that projects a light dot onto the exact grommet attachment point on the substrate to precisely guide the actual grommet installation.
  • GrommetSniper™ compatibility. GrommetSniper™ is a unique alignment fixture accessory for the CSTEP-2 hand press that ensures the precise alignment and spacing of grommets.
  • Large GrommetSniper™ compatibility. Precise centering enabling application of even the smallest grommets.
  • Durable protection box. Comes in an extra strong, engineer-designed cardboard box reinforced with expanded rubber and black sponge as well as a carrying handle to protect your equipment.
  • Easy to transport. Take the machine to the job rather than the job to the machine.
  • Interchangeable self-piercing dies. Allows users to set many different grommet sizes via a simple die-changing process that requires only seconds.
    Utilizes either self-piercing grommets or curtain eyelets. Precise enough to set the smallest grommets and strong enough to set the largest.
  • Free-standing or bench-mounted.
Lever Length
290 mm
11 2/4”
Throat Depth
105 mm
4 1/4”
Net Weight
6.8 kg
15 lbs
Dimensions (Height × Width × Depth)
430 × 85 × 225 mm
17 ” × 3 1/4 ” × 8 3/4
Applicable Grommet Sizes
From #XX00 (3.4 mm) to #12 (40 mm)
Compatible Dies
Self-Piercing Die Sets (All sizes)

Two-Step-Die Sets (All sizes)

Hole Piercer Die Sets (From #XX00 (3.4 mm) to #5.5 (16.7 mm))