There are no prices on your web site. Why?

We do not work with the end users, but with our distributors. Therefore, we have no retail sales. (Except special or large projects at locations that are not covered by our distributor network)

I am an end user. How can I buy your products?

Please send your inquiry to so that we may forward your inquiry to an appropriate distributor.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from Istanbul, Turkey.

What kind of shipment methods do you use?

Land Freight, Air Freight, Sea Freight, Express Service, depending on the size of the shipment and the destination.

How do you ensure the safe transportation of your goods?

All of our products are appropriately packed in master cardboard boxes or wooden crates depending on the product type. All products are shipped on pallets.

What is your average lead time for shipments?

We hold vast amount of off-the-shelf products, in last 5 years, our average shipment lead time has been 5 days.

What is the import duty rate for your products?

As we are based in Turkey and our products are of Turkish origin, there is no import duty for our products in EU Customs Union countries and US, as we have import duty privileges and send supporting documentation along with our products sent to these regions. For other countries, please feel free to inquire about the tariff codes of our products.

Are your products warrantied?

Yes. We have a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects on all of our products.

Do you make custom finishing or colour grommets?

Yes, we do. A specific RAL color or finishing sample is required. There is a minimum order requirement, depending on the size and finishing type.

Can you make custom size grommets?

Yes, we can. However, making a new size grommet and washer means making new production tooling for either of them and it is an operation that is neither quick nor low cost. Therefore, to make such a request, you need to have a requirement of very high quantity.(i.e. 1 million pieces. The minimum order requirement may change significantly depending on the size.

I have a machine from another manufacturer. Looking at your grommet size charts and size numbers, it seems like they would fit my existing machine and dies. Do they really?

Unlikely. Though different manufacturers’ size numbers indicate the same number, in fact their structures are different. For a successful application, the grommet and die should match to each other perfectly, which is generally not the case among different manufacturers' products. On the other hand, we do also have dies that may fit to some other types of presses. If these special dies match to your machine, you can use our grommets with our special dies.

What is the importance of the brass raw material on grommets? Are all same-looking grommets actually the same?

Brass raw material and therefore brass grommets are much more resistant to tarnishing. For instance, grommets made of steel quickly tarnish and they are not suitable for outdoor conditions. When external finishing such as nickel is applied, brass and steel grommets appear to be the same but it won't take long for you to visibly understand the difference between the two. The ClipsShop range of grommets is made of high-quality brass raw material.